Staring Lake Observatory in Eden Prairie MN

People, from different parts of the world, travel to Eden Prairie, MN every year. One of the reasons is due to the famous Staring Lake Observatory. Your Eden Prairie Chiropractic Office enjoys the Staring Lake Observatory because it offers stargazing opportunities for visitors whereby on a clear night, a telescope is pointed towards the sky, and people can see the galaxy. The view is one of a kind and very interesting for both kids and adults. It is one of the main reasons why visitors prefer this place. If you are in Eden Prairie or you plan to visit soon, the Staring Lake Observatory should be the first place that you visit. Read on to find some of the activities that you can enjoy while in the area.

Stargazing in Eden Prairie

The place is home to a 16 inch, 9-foot tall telescope. The telescope is the largest in that state. You will be able to learn about constellations, gas giants and the Milky Way. The place is not open to the public hence you need to book for viewing as a visitor since it is managed by the state. If you are visiting as a group, it will be more convenient as you will be required to have a guide to take you through the place and how to use the telescope for amazing views.

Star Watch Classes

In the Staring Lake Observatory, you will be able to learn about the observatory calendar for events that will happen in the sky through the telescope. The classes will help you know more about the galaxy and also prepare for the next event.


During the winter months, the place is convenient for skating. There are various skating rinks around the city. They make sure that the rinks are opened when the weather conditions are favorable for skating and close when the weather is hazardous. If you love skating, you should visit this place.


The place is known for its rich culture from different parts of the world. During different times of the year, they hold exhibitions where different products and services are showcased. The exhibitions offer a learning ground to the visitors. You should mark the date and venue for the exhibitions you want to attend.

Boat Rentals

Near the lake, you will find boat rentals that allow you to go round the lake with your friends or family. The boat rentals are well serviced and fitted with secure and comfortable seats. Before you go to the lake, ensure that you take all the safety precautions in case of accidents. The boat rentals are different whereby some are small while some can accommodate many people. The cost of hiring the boat rentals will depend on the time you want to spend and the size of the boat.


If you want to relax away from the people and noise, the beaches in Eden Prairie are quiet and clean. They will calm you down and offer the relaxation that you want. The beaches are a good place to visit when you have kids as there are few people hence they will have a lot of fun. If you are an outdoor person, you should consider the beaches.

Live Music

If you enjoy listening to live music, the city will not disappoint you. You will find different hotels and restaurants providing live music to their customers. The lives music if free as long as you buy food or drinks from the restaurant. In most cases, you will find jazz being played.


With the various parks, you will be able to see different kinds of animals such as deer, squirrel, wild turkey and songbirds. You will be able to observe these animals as you go hiking or as you enjoy nature.

Eden Prairie, MN offers a variety of attractions for the visitors, and Staring Lake Observatory is one of them among others. It is crucial that you first identify what you love most about outdoor and nature before going to the city so that you can know the places to visit. You should also plan the time you have properly to help you visit all the places. Having budget is essential as you will be required to pay before entering and enjoying the services and attractions in the city.