Shoulder Pain in Eden Prairie?

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Often, those seeking chiropractic care in Eden Prairie suffer from neck and back pain. However, chiropractic treatments can also be used for treating shoulder pain or rotator cuff pain. Since shoulder pain can often be caused by joint irritation, or tissue irritation, chiropractors can help relieve the pain and treat the issue.

The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the entire body. It has plenty of tendons, nerves and other tissues surrounding it, along with cartilage and ligaments. These parts of the shoulder can easily become irritated or inflamed.

If you suffer from shoulder pain or rotator cuff pain, seeking out chiropractic care may be the answer. There are several ways a chiropractor can help to relieve the pain you're feeling.


Many different things may cause shoulder pain. It's commonly caused by a rotator cuff tear or from a frozen shoulder. In addition, you may suffer from bursitis, which may cause shoulder pain or calcific tendinitis.

Shoulder injuries may also be accompanied by:

  • Shoulder instability
  • Labral tear
  • Ligament injuries
  • Bicep tendon rupture
  • Arthritis

All of these may be the possible cause of your shoulder pain. If you do not have a complete tear or dislocation chiropractic treatment may be the answer.


Adjustments are a popular treatment for shoulder pain. While adjustments are often associated with back and neck pain, shoulder pain can also be treated with adjustments. The shoulder joint can shift out of alignment, which can keep the muscles and ligaments from working properly. This can lead to muscle spasms, pain and inflammation.

With gentle adjustments, a chiropractor can shift the joint forward or backward, depending on the symptoms you suffer from. Sometimes, this means using a drop table piece, a hand held instrument called the activator or a speeder board. It could also mean a manual adjustment or working the muscles with trigger point therapy. At times rehabilitative therapies such as ultrasounds or electrical stimulation are used to speed your recovery.

Chiropractors can help by recommending specific exercises and stretching, as well. Of course, after seeing a chiropractor, you may be resting your shoulder, along with using ice and/or heat to help treat the pain.


Going to the medical doctor's office may cause you to be put on pain medication, muscle relaxers or another type of medication. Cortisone injections are a common way the medical community treats shoulder pain, too. However, medication just masks the underlying issue and doesn't help the body truly heal.

With chiropractic treatment at Floro Chiropractic, you can get the full treatment you need without having to worry about side effects from medication. A chiropractor can make the right adjustments to help alleviate your shoulder pain without medication.

If you're looking for a natural way to deal with your shoulder pain, chiropractic care is the right choice. Instead of taking anti-inflammatory medications called NSAID's or having cortisone injected into your shoulder, you can see a chiropractor. With the right adjustments and manipulations, your chiropractor can get your shoulder pain under control. In addition, you may be recommended to use ice and heat, along with stretching and certain exercises to get your pain under control.


“Dear Dr. Floro, Six months ago I came to your office with severe pain in my right shoulder and unable to move my arm more than 6 inches in any direction. At the end of my first treatment the severe pain was down to an ache. By the 4th treatment I could move my arm in all directions. Not only did you heal my shoulder, but you helped relieve me of anxiety and stress. I am 74 years old and since my treatments I have been filled with more energy than I have had in years. Thank you, Dr. Floro for your expertise in healing me.“


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