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Are you looking for a chiropractor in Eden Prairie? Choosing a health care provider is a big decision. At Floro Chiropractic located at 9198 Staring Lane East in Eden Prairie MN we believe that education is a big part of patient success. This article from our Eden Prairie chiropractor Olinda Floro will give you some of the basic knowledge you need to understand what we can do for you. This entire website is dedicated to helping the people of Eden Prairie understand the full scope of what our team can do.

For over 35 years Dr. Floro has strived for excellence through superior patient treatment and education. She has been named Best Chiropractor 2012 by Southwest Metro, as well as Top Chiropractor 2014 and Best Chiropractor 2015, 2016, 2018, and 2019 by Minnesota Monthly Magazine, as voted by her peers.

At Floro Chiropractic in Eden Prairie, we take the time to answer your questions, explain your options and help you take control of your health. In addition to Chiropractic care we often incorporate nutrition, trigger point massage, applied kinesiology and various rehabilitative therapies to speed your recovery. During your visits you won't feel rushed and will be checked from head to toe!

Benefits of Chiropractic Care at Floro Chiropractic

If you have been dealing with chronic pain or have been injured you should consider seeking chiropractic care. The benefits of chiropractic treatment can be realized for many people with any variety of health conditions. Even those relatively “healthy” individuals with few, if any, health conditions can see the benefits of chiropractic preventative chiropractic care. The impact of life’s daily grind adds up, stressing the human body in far greater ways than you might realize. Regular chiropractic adjustments at Floro Chiropractic can help to restore and maintain balance within, allowing the innately intelligent human body to heal itself.

The vast majority of the people in Eden Prairie equate chiropractic care with back pain, but the circumstances under which the science was discovered actually had little to do with back pain. The first chiropractic adjustment was performed on Harvey Lillard, a deaf man by DD Palmer in 1895, resulting in the restoration of his hearing. DD Palmer believed that many conditions could be addressed by removing pressure from the nerve that was involved with the affected area. He proceeded to make this his life’s work, turning this belief into the science of chiropractic.

Regardless of one’s walk in life, anyone can benefit from regular chiropractic care. Routine chiropractic treatments will help maintain the body at the high level of activity life calls for, allowing the body to self-heal through proper alignment. Your spinal column serves as a conduit through which the human brain sends messages throughout the body’s nervous system. It is simple to see how protecting the integrity of this important structure, through regular visits to Floro Chiropractic is vital to the body’s optimal function and overall health.

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Floro Chiropractic
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Floro Chiropractic
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Chiropractic is a profession within the health care field that deals with the neuro-musculoskeletal system of the human body. A chiropractor will diagnose, as well as help prevent, injuries and disorders of the nerves, muscles, and bones. While we will diagnose and treat these resultant injuries and disorders, the main objective is the removal of nerve interference allowing the body to heal itself without invasive procedures and/or drugs.

As would be the case with any other field of care, our patients at Floro Chiropractic receive a thorough consultation including history and examination of their major complaint. After considering possible causes of the patient's condition a diagnosis is established and a treatment plan is created. Should a patient require treatment outside the scope of chiropractic care, they are referred to the appropriate health specialist.


Most patients don’t realize how much schooling chiropractors have to go through before they can start practicing. Chiropractors are held to some of the most intense educational requirements of any health profession. In fact their schooling requirements are very comparable to that of medical practitioners. After completing a heavy emphasis of basic sciences in an undergraduate program, potential chiropractors may be accepted into a four year chiropractic college.

Are you curious to know if chiropractic is the right treatment for you? Please do not hesitate to call our team of dedicated professionals at Floro Chiropractic. Chiropractic care, coupled with our outstanding caring team, can produce incredible results. Our team is here to help, and we look forward to being a part of your healthcare team.

Chiropractic care for Wellness