Purgatory Creek Park in Eden Prairie MN

Purgatory Creek Park is one of the most exciting places in Eden Prairie, MN. The park covers over 155 acres of land which makes it the largest park in the city. It includes extensive trails, large open spaces, and a creek. The park is suitable for family outings, friends, gatherings, school trips, and community events or even as an individual. It offers a variety of activities to select from. Your Eden Prairie Chiropractor has compiled a list of things that one can do in Purgatory Creek Park.

Bike Riding IN Eden Prairie

The park offers a great opportunity for bike riding as one enjoys the beautiful scenery. There are many pavements and trains where you will find various bike riders enjoying themselves. The trail is safe and suitable for bike riding. You can team up with your friends and go for bike riding. The part is large and can accommodate bike competitions. Most of the schools and community around there have bike riding competitions in the park.


Hiking is one of the activities that most people do in parks. If you love hiking, this is the best place for you. The park has a loop trail for hiking which is 2.4 meters. The hiking trail is not rough making it convenient for family hiking with children. When hiking, you should carry all your hiking materials and clothing for comfort purposes. You do not need a guard when hiking as the place is friendly to visitors. However, if you want someone to guide you through the park, you can ask for assistance.

Birthday Parties

When it comes to parties such as birthdays, people have various preferences for locations. The park is convenient for birthday parties especially for children as they will have a lot of fun. If you want your birthday party out in nature, you should consider the Purgatory Creek Park. If there are children involved, it is important that you keep an eye on them so that they do not play too far from the party ground as the park is very large. The park has a very spacious area to allow one to have fun with their friends while enjoying the fresh air and breeze. The park opens from early in the morning till late in the night. Therefore, you will have enough time to enjoy and have fun.


Walking is a good exercise for those who want to keep fit and eliminate stress. The park has a long stretch with a foot patch that allows people to walk without distraction. The park offers an ideal place to have a walk after a long day. The best time to take a walk is during the morning hours when a lot of people have not visited the park. But if you want to walk around many people, you can visit the park in the evening. You can even walk around the park with your pet and have a relaxed mind ready for the day.


The Purgatory Creek Park has various sections for different activities. One of the sections is a playground where people can enjoy playing different games. The playground is for both children and adults. Some of the games that people can play while in the park include hide and seek, Yoga and scavenger hunt among others. When choosing a playground, make sure you find one that has enough space with no stones on the ground for safety.

Food and Drinks

If you are looking for a place to have meals with your family, away from the normal life, you should consider Purgatory Creek Park. You will enjoy eating food with beautiful sceneries. The park has food vendors that sell different types of foods to visitors.


The Purgatory Creek Park has a creek. The creek has 16 miles of water running through the park. The creek offers a great experience for people to experience how fishing is done.

You can have fun while in Eden Prairie, MN by visiting the Purgatory Creek Park. The park has all you need to enjoy nature. If you live around there or you are planning to visit the real soon, make sure that you visit the park. Before visiting, ensure that you have the above list of activities and you will enjoy the park.