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12 Spinal Care Tips

Spinal Care Tips
1. Set aside time each day for complete mental and physical relaxation, and keep an attitude of gratitude.
2. Avoid sitting in soft furniture and crossing your legs at the knees which could aggravate the hip or low back.
3. When working at a computer have your chair set for your height, the monitor straight ahead of you, and the mouse close to you so you’re not overreaching and straining your neck.
4. When texting, reading or writing avoid a sharp forward angle of your head which can strain your neck.
5. Avoid neck strain from cradling a telephone between your head and shoulders. Speaker phone or headsets are a better option.
6. When purchasing rubber soled shoes, place them on a flat surface next to each other and look at the back of the shoe to see if there is a difference in the height of the heels which can cause or aggravate existing knee/hip/spinal problems.
7. If your shoes have uneven heel wear, or one foot flares out, these are signs of arch issues. Our office offers chiropractic manipulation to the ankle to help correct the arches and custom fit orthotics.
8. For an acute joint sprain promptly ice, elevate and rest the affected area and see
Dr. Floro if it is not a medical emergency.
9. To maintain proper posture when lifting, face the object, bend at the knees, and avoid twisting your torso.
10. When lying in bed avoid propping your head at a sharp forward angle (i.e. to watch TV or reading) also avoid lying on the couch and propping your head on the armrest due to neck strain.
11. Your forehead and chin level should be level with a proper pillow, avoid sleeping on your stomach and keep your arms down by your side. A good position is to sleep on your back or on your side with both legs drawn up to the same height.
12. For men avoid wearing a wallet in the back pocket of your pants, every time you sit you are placing uneven pressure on your hips which can cause low back problems.

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