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Allergies in Eden Prairie

Allergies in Eden Prairie MN

Chiropractic Treatment for Allergies from Floro Chiropractic

You may have never heard of chiropractic treatment for allergies. However, it's one of the most common health issues chiropractors treat. Whether it's spring allergies or another type of allergy, chiropractic care may be the answer.

Since the immune system and the nervous system of the body have a very close bond, chiropractic treatment works well to relieve the symptoms of allergies. Adjustments at Floro Chiropractic have a positive impact on the nervous system, which in turn, helps the immune system. The improved communication between the spinal cord and the bran help to regulate and reduce allergy systems.

Allergy Symptom Relief from Chiropractic Care in Eden Prairie

When a professional chiropractor provides the right adjustments, the spine becomes better aligned. Fixing the misalignments helps the brain better communicate with the spinal cord. Misalignments keep the brain's communication from working well with the rest of the body. Opening up the pathways for communication between the spine and the brain helps the body fight allergy symptoms.

In addition, chiropractic care can help to relieve stress by strengthening the adrenal glands. This helps to keep the allergic reactions to a minimum and the symptoms to a minimum By realigning the spinal vertebrae and reducing spinal nerve stress, the cortisol levels in your body can be regulated. This helps to fight off and alleviate allergy symptoms.

Fighting Allergies with Dietary Advice from a Chiropractor

While adjusting the spine is a great way to help fight off allergies, chiropractors can offer more than just spinal adjustments. At Floro Chiropractic in Eden Prairie, we can offer help with dietary and lifestyle changes to help keep your allergy symptoms at bay. Certain foods and environmental factors can cause bigger issues with your allergies. Making dietary adjustments and environmental adjustments may help to ensure you don't suffer as much from allergies.

Offering an Alternative to Traditional Allergy Treatments

Traditionally, you would treat allergies with a pill or another type of medication. While these treatments may alleviate some of the symptoms of allergies, they often come at a price. The side effects may keep you from feeling like yourself since the medication doesn't treat the underlying problem causing the allergic reactions.

A natural approach and getting to the underlying cause(s) is a better way to treat allergies. At Floro Chiropractic we test for over 150 allergens and also offer specific allergy treatments to target: wheat, dust, cat dander, eggs, pollen, grass, etc. which incorporates both chiropractic and homeopathy. Often times underlying digestive disturbances such as candida, low digestive enzymes and mold can also contribute to allergy symptoms which we also address with nutrition testing and Applied Kinesiology. You won't suffer from the debilitating side effects that come along with medication, yet you'll still get the allergy symptom relief you desire. Chiropractic care can relief symptoms, such as sneezing, itchy eyes, congestion, runny nose and other allergy symptoms.

Treating Your Seasonal Allergies with Chiropractic Care

At Floro Chiropractic in Eden Prairie, we offer the most holistic approach for allergy treatment possible. You don't have to depend on medications that cause side effects anymore. With the proper chiropractic adjustments and nutrition if necessary you'll have a stronger immune system and nervous system.

Professional chiropractic treatment will help to relieve allergy symptoms without side effects. Getting the right spinal alignment makes a big difference. Set your appointment today, if you suffer from allergies and we will put together a full plan to help relieve the symptoms of your allergies.


"Ever since I can remember (about 5 years old), I have had seasonal allergies. I’ve taken over the counter and prescription medicines my whole life. I met Dr. Floro when she spoke at a seminar. I began using her services in February 2008. She tested me for allergies and treated me for several allergens including weeds, grass and pollen. When the trees budded and the grass greened up, I didn’t have the runny nose and sneezing and didn’t need to take any medications. Thank you Dr. Floro."


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